Pain Croute


Breakfast has a very important place in our day. Experts even say that it should cover 20% of our daily food needs. In addition to “carburizing” the body after night rest, allows us to face the morning with the right energy and lunch … with a balanced appetite; in line with the daily work needs. 
Lazzaroni, has always been able to adapt to the modern dietary needs of its consumers, offering a range of products able to combine nutritional qualities, lightness and taste. 
Products like Pain Croúte, for example,born light (only 9% fat) and made to ensure a start of the day snappy and dynamic … in step with the times.Good soaked or smeared with any goodies, the Pain Croúte Lazzaroni biscuits are those who want to start the day … from the wellness of a light and nurturing breakfast.

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