We would always want our country to produce almost all the chocolates in the world as that is one thing that all of us love irrespective of the age. You must have always wondered as to which country produces all these chocolates in the world and we have always been crazy about it. We are not sure as to whether you found your answer or not. So here we are going to answer that question by listing the top 4 countries that produce a lot of chocolates in the world. Wish we were born there. Here is the list.


This is probably something that you least expected. Yes, it is Germany, as per the recent records, tops the list of countries that produce and export most of the chocolates in the world. You might not have guessed because even we were waiting to see Belgium or USA top the list, and that is why Germany was quite a surprise. For the same reason, we do not know the fact that they produce and export about 17% of the chocolates that are made in the world chocolate market. As per 2017 records, Germany earns about 4.5 Billion Dollars only through its chocolate business.


The best chocolates that people across the globe are always fond of are from Belgium. If you are a chocolate lover, I don’t have to tell you this. Ranking next to Germany, Belgium is responsible for selling almost 11% of the chocolates that are produced in the world and as a result makes a profit of 2.9 Billion Dollars and that is more than you can imagine. You probably are aware of the fact that Belgium has a chocolate museum and you shouldn’t miss that if you are somewhere around Belgium. Also, there are about 1000 shops, and you can still never have them enough.


Again we are not giving the place to the USA, and we know you are eagerly expecting it. The next place goes to Italy, and it sells chocolates that are worth 1.7 billion Dollars every year, and that is why it is also a place that people love for the chocolates that are manufactured there. Italy has France and not Germany as its competitor when it comes to fine chocolates. You must take a look at the Instagram feeds of the Italian chefs who love playing with chocolates. Those recipes will simply make your day.


United States:

Finally, you have gotten what you were expecting, and we have United States 4th on our list. About 6% of the exports take place from the US, and if you take a look at the numbers, that is less than half of what Germany sells and America has to score more to rank number one. There is a long way up the ladder. However, we still absolutely love the chocolates that are made in the US for the taste and luxury that they evince. Oh, we forgot to talk about the profits. The US makes about 1.6 Billion Dollars in chocolate trade and exports.