The Amaretti recipe is an ancient secret that Lazzaroni preserves since 1718. It 
tells the story that at least three centuries ago the Cardinal of Milan unexpectedly visited the city of Saronno. In his honor, two young lovers quickly prepared a mixture made of sugar, apricot and egg white almonds which they baked in the oven, obtaining exquisite round sweets. These sweets had the slight bitter and sweet taste of almonds and sugar, so that the two young men called them Amaretti.
Since then, nothing or almost has changed: the original recipe, the quality of the ingredients and the slow, meticulous cooking, all contribute to the pleasure of tasting the authentic Amaretti di Saronno always linked to Lazzaroni with their uniqueness and as ” flag “of the specialties. During their 200 years and more, many have tried to imitate them, obviously without success.

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